On December 9, 2006 the exhibition
“On the Plains with Pencils, Paints, and Pastels: The Art of Frank Reaugh”
opened at the Capitol Visitor’s Center in Austin. The Visitor’s Center is located in the old Land Office building on the Capitol grounds. The exhibit will be open until May 28, 2006 and is free to the public. Kyle Schlafer and his staff have done a wonderful job in putting this show together. Peter Mears, Associate Curator of Art at the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas, assisted Kyle in the exhibit, and let us not forget that the exhibit was made possible by Governor Rick Perry.

The paintings on display are from the collections of Frank Reaugh student Lucretia Donnell Coke, and from the collections of the HRC. After viewing the collections, be sure to stop at the gift shop, where reproductions of Reaugh paintings are available for sale. For those who enjoy art with their coffee, coffee-mugs are available for sale with reproductions of Reaugh paintings. Four different paintings are featured on the mugs.

Click here to visit the Frank Reaugh exhibit at the Capitol Visitor’s Center online

Click here to visit Peter Mears’ Frank Reaugh galleries online.

In October 2006 Lucrecia Donnell Coke and her friends went on a sketching trip to the Hill Country of Texas. They stayed at the ranch of her son-in-law, Dr. Jim Pohl, a few miles west of Enchanted Rock. Lucretia is a student of Frank Reaugh, and though the master did not care much for the Hill Country, Lucretia’s friends insisted that she paint Enchanted Rock to make up for the lack. Here is her painting of the Rock from the pavilion near the base of this Texas landmark.

Enchanted rock for web

      “Enchanted Rock”
Pastel by Lucretia D. Coke

In April of 2006 Lucretia and her friends set out on a Frank Reaugh style sketch trip of North Texas and Oklahoma. Members of the sketch trip included Fred Rathjen, Amy Winton, Myna Potts, Robert Reitz, and Gardner Smith. Lucretia’s daughters Cari Newman Vieregg and Bonnie Newman Pohl also attended the party. The sketchers stayed at the Medicine Mounds Ranch courtesy of Mr. John Crain, President of The Summerlee Foundation. All four of the Medicine Mounds are on the ranch, which is noted for its herd of buffalo and Longhorns. Frank Reaugh and his students, including Lucretia, camped at the mounds in 1935 and painted here. The sketchers also visited the Wichita Mountains and the Antelope Hills in Oklahoma, and the site of the Battle of Adobe Walls in Panhandle Texas on the Canadian River. The account of this sketch trip will be published early in 2007 by The Sun and Shadow Press. Check the BOOKS page soon for “Wide Open Spaces: A Frank Reaugh Sketch Trip in the Twenty-First Century.”

Group Portrait in  Wichitas
Group Photo in Wichitas
Bob Reitz, Gardner Smith, Cari Vieregg
and Fred Rathjen
Photo by Bonnie Pohl

Cari-LDC and Bob on Canadian
LDC and Bob on the Canadian
Photo by Cari Vieregg

Amy Winton-Portrait of Two Artists
Portrait of two artists
Cari and Lucretia
Antelope Hills
Photo by Amy Winton

Lucretia's Pastels
Lucretia’s Pastels
Photo by Bonnie Pohl

Amy Winton’s pastel paintings may be seen in her book “Canyon Visions: Photographs and Pastels of the Texas Plains,” written with Dan Flores, available at  Visit or to see some of her wonderful paintings.

Amy and Lucretia

Amy and Lucretia
Antelope Hills
Photo by Bonnie Pohl

Fred Rathjen is noted for his fine book “The Texas Panhandle Frontier,” now in its second revised edition. Check to purchase it. He is Professor Emeritus of West Texas A&M University in Canyon.

Myna Potts is Curator of the Medicine Mound Museum in Medicine Mound, Texas. Please visit her Web site at

Gardner Smith and Robert Reitz are the editors of “Winged Clouds and Cobalt Skies: The 1930s Sketch Trip Diaries of Lucretia Donnell,” and “From Under a Mesquite Tree: An Artist’s Life on the Texas Plains, as Told to Lucretia Donnell.” They have also edited a book of correspondence titled “Absent Friend: A Frank Reaugh Letterbook from the Paris Years.” Check the Books page to purchase these books.