The following pastel paintings are from the collection of L.D.C.
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11LR Gentians

21LR Longhorn Bull Overlooking

28LR October Pasture

37LR Palo Duro Canyon

47LR Tank at High Point

48LR Residence at Terrell

4LR At High Point

52LR Summer Fore Noon (1880)

53LR Hunting Wild Horses

62LR Cattle Watering So fork Wichita

63LR Early Morning in Tule

LR Blue Yodel Number 2

LR Cattle in the Brazos

LR Hot Afternoon in Tule Canyon

LR Reflected Cliffs of Tule

LR Waterfall

LR-Painting on Ivory

LR-Pencil Sketch of a Boy

12LR Color Studies for Longhorns